Here are some frequently asked questions.

What’s the process for using StockSavvy to update inventory quantities?

  1. Start a cycle count by clicking the “Cycle Count” button. You can choose a basic or advanced count. Advanced gives you more filtering functionality – great for breaking up your counts.
  2. Scan items into the session. In the session, this is step 1.
  3. Click on “Finish and Review” to move to the next step where you can take a look at items you scanned and did not scan. Many people go back and forth between scanning and looking at unscanned items. You can click on “Scan More” to go back to step 1 and scan some more items or adjust quantities.
  4. Once you’re finished reviewing, choose whether you want to overwrite, increment, decrement, or transfer quantities on Shopify. The “Overwrite” option will put all the quantities you scanned into Shopify. “Increment” will add the existing quantities with the scanned quantities and put them into Shopify – this is good if you’re getting replenishment of items. “Decrement” will subtract. “Transfer” will subtract quantities from your current location and add those to your selected location. After you choose an option, click on the “Update Shopify” button, and it will perform the updates. Note that Shopify processes these at a rate based on their load, so this doesn’t happen immediately. It will take longer if you have a lot of items.

Why am I not able to scan anything?

What scanner do you recommend?

  • We don’t have a scanner recommendation. Customers have had success with wireless scanners found on Amazon for ~$50 USD. Some people have fancier scanners that have memory, and they will utilize StockSavvy’s batch entry feature that allows input of a batch of barcodes at once (scanner unloads the memory into StockSavvy). The Shopify recommended scanner (Socket 7 Series) has an extra convenience of being able to release the keyboard with a double click. Releasing the keyboard allows you to manually enter in the number, such as if you scanned one item and then want to adjust its quantity, you’d need to release the keyboard. Other scanners may not have that capability. Some customers don’t need that capability because they want to avoid human error and actually do the count instead of just trust the label.

Can multiple people scan at the same time?

  • Yes. You will have one account and will login with the one account, and you can have many people scanning at the same time in the same session. The items will scan properly, but the one caveat is that people may not see what other people scanned until they refresh. For example, if user1 scans Red Sock, and user2 scans Blue Sock, user1 will not see Blue Sock that user2 scanned until user1 clicks Refresh button. Also, quantities will be refreshed upon scanning or upon refresh of StockSavvy. For example, if user1 scans Red Sock once, then pauses to tie his/her shoes or something, and user2 scans 5 Red Socks, when user1 looks at how many Red Socks, they will see 1 because they scanned one. But, when they scan another Red Sock, the quantity will be 7. The point is that the server will know how many of the item was scanned in total and is accurate, but the number may not get reflected until refresh.

What happens to my inventory counts as orders come in?

  • You can have the inventory session receive updates as you’re counting. To do this, go into the inventory session settings (on step 1, click the pencil icon next to the inventory session name, or if you’re starting an advanced cycle count, you’ll see it in the settings before you even start step 1). There is a toggle switch called “Receive Updates”. If you toggle this on, inventory sessions that are in progress (step 1) will get updates. The items’ existing quantities will be changed as orders come in. This doesn’t affect what you scanned though. If you want your scanned quantities to also change while the quantities on Shopify are changed from orders coming in, then you’ll need to enabled the second toggle switch called “Adjust scanned quantities on update”. With this also toggled on, both existing quantity and the quantity you scanned will be altered. For example, if you had an item ABC123 with existing quantity 3 and you had scanned 5, and someone ordered 2, Shopify notifies StockSavvy that 2 of ABC123 were purchased, and StockSavvy will change the existing quantity to 1 and the scanned quantity to 3.

Why did some of my items not get updated?

  1. It may not be finished updating. We send all the items to Shopify to update, and Shopify processes them at a rate that is based on their load (may be slower when load is high). Wait a little longer and see if the item is still not updated. You can contact us if you think it should be done but still isn’t updated. As a proxy, 3,000 items takes about 15 minutes.
  2. You might not have enabled/stocked that product for the particular location in Shopify, and unfortunately Shopify doesn’t give third party apps the ability to force it. To enable/stock the item for that location, see this Shopify video https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/locations/assigning-inventory-to-locations?utm_source=gurucopy&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=Gurus#stock-products-at-locations-by-using-the-bulk-editor for more info. You just set all those “Not Stocked” items to zero.

I realized I scanned items into multiple sessions but want them all combined together. What can I do?

  • Sessions are limited to 500 distinct items to promote dividing sections of your store up for better organization (remember you can have unlimited number of sessions). But, with the Giant Count Add-on, you can have unlimited items in a session, and you can also use the Inventory Session Combiner tool (top menu bar under the Tools section). Once you get the Giant Count Add-on (go to Settings > Your Subscription, and then scroll down to see it), you can use the Inventory Session Combiner tool found at the top right under the Tools menu. If you want to combine sessions across different locations, such as if you want to delete items that are not found in any of your locations, email us with the URLs (address at the top of the web browser) of the sessions you want to combine, and we’ll put them all into a new session, summing the quantities together if there are items across different sessions.

I forgot to click the “Unscanned Set Zero” button before updating Shopify, and the button is no longer there. What can I do?

  • Send us an email, and we can set your session back to a state where you have the “Unscanned Set Zero” button. Once you’re done, you can tell us, and we’ll set the session back to the completed state.