• What scanner do you recommend?
    • We don’t have a scanner recommendation. Customers have had success with wireless scanners found on Amazon for ~$50 USD. Some people have fancier scanners that have memory, and they will utilize StockSavvy’s batch entry feature that allows input of a batch of barcodes at once (scanner unloads the memory into StockSavvy). The Shopify recommended scanner (Socket 7 Series) has an extra convenience of being able to release the keyboard with a double click. Releasing the keyboard allows you to manually enter in the number, such as if you scanned one item and then want to adjust its quantity, you’d need to release the keyboard. Other scanners may not have that capability. Some customers don’t need that capability because they want to avoid human error and actually do the count instead of just trust the label.
  • Can multiple people scan at the same time?
    • Yes. You will have one account and will login with the one account, and you can have many people scanning at the same time in the same session. The items will scan properly, but the one caveat is that people may not see what other people scanned until they refresh. For example, if user1 scans Red Sock, and user2 scans Blue Sock, user1 will not see Blue Sock that user2 scanned until user1 clicks Refresh button. Also, quantities will be refreshed upon scanning or upon refresh of StockSavvy. For example, if user1 scans Red Sock once, then pauses to tie his/her shoes or something, and user2 scans 5 Red Socks, when user1 looks at how many Red Socks, they will see 1 because they scanned one. But, when they scan another Red Sock, the quantity will be 7. The point is that the server will know how many of the item was scanned in total and is accurate, but the number may not get reflected until refresh.
  • Why did some of my items not get updated?
    • It may not be finished updating, or you might not have its inventory tracked. Go into the Shopify dashboard and search for that particular item variant and see if you selected “Shopify tracks this product’s inventory” under “Inventory Policy”.

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