Zeroing Many Items

If you are zeroing many items, such as when you do a yearly inventory, you will want to do a separate process. Because Shopify limits third party apps on the rate at which items can be updated on Shopify, setting a large number of items to zero will take a really long time. For example, if your store has 20,000 items in Shopify, and you scanned your entire inventory and found it contains 2,000 items (the other 18,000 are old items that are in Shopify that aren’t sold anymore but still in the system), you’ll want to first set those 18,000 items to zero using the Shopify CSV tool, then come back to StockSavvy to update the items you scanned by using the Update Shopify button. Here’s the process:

  1. Scan all your items in StockSavvy and be at step 2 where you have finished and review all your scanned and unscanned items. Review everything, but don’t click any buttons yet!session_ready_to_update
  2. Export a .csv file of the inventory in Shopify. Go to Shopify dashboard > Products > Inventory. Select “All variants” and “CSV for Excel, Numbers, or other spreadsheet programs”, and also select “All locations” from dropdown menu. Click the “Export variants” button, and it will email you the .csv file. It is not immediate, as it performs this in the background.export_shopify_csv
  3. Use Excel or some spreadsheet program to change the cell to zero for all items and all locations. Basically just copy zero for the each of the location columns. Then save this file.edit_csv_to_zero
  4. Upload the saved .csv file. Because this is Shopify’s tool, it will set the quantities for all the items immediately and does not throttle like in third party apps like us.import_shopify_csv
  5. Finally, go to StockSavvy and go back into your session with all the items. Click on Update Shopify, and all the scanned items will be updated.update_shopify