Importing Bin and Thresholds

If you don’t want to add bin and low inventory thresholds to items individually, you can do it in bulk by importing a CSV file. Here are the steps and video link:

  1. First, download a .csv of your items. Then, you will be able to add your bin numbers and low inventory thresholds to that .csv file. If you are using Excel, create a blank workbook and then do File -> Import… and click next on the wizard until step 3 where it asks about “Column data format” then choose to import columns as text for both columns. This is an important step! Not doing so will result in failures during import because Excel messes up the data in .csv if you simply double click the .csv file to open. When you’re done editing the .csv file in Excel, make sure you save it as .csv format. If you want to speed up the import, only keep the rows of items you want and delete the rest. This will result in only those items needing to be processed instead of your entire inventory.
  2. Once you’ve finished adding bin numbers and thresholds, save your file as a .csv and then import into StockSavvy. Click the button below to choose the .csv you’ve edited. Then click the “Import” button. StockSavvy will then apply this new data to your items. Note that this data cannot be seen through the Shopify portal.
  3. Finished! Note that the bin numbers will not show on any previous cycle counts nor reports. The low inventory table should now show any items that are below the threshold you set.