Zeroing or Deleting Items

Zeroing or deleting unscanned items are super useful features for clearing out quantities of items you don’t have on hand. Often, stores will scan their entire inventory, which is all the items they have on hand, and zero out or even delete the unscanned items, which are the items they don’t have on hand. If you check the box for setting unscanned items to zero, StockSavvy will first update all the items you scanned for the location and then set all the unscanned items to zero for the location. The zeroing of items can take a long time if you have a lot of items in the unscanned section (and if many of those items are set as “Not stocked” in Shopify). If this is the case, see our article Zeroing Many Items.

Alternatively, those who are doing cycle counts on a frequent schedule can use the Advanced Cycle Count to scan only the items that match a particular tag, product type, or vendor. This then limits the unscanned items list to items that match that list. For example, if an Advanced Cycle Count was started for product type “Men’s Pants”, all the scanned items would be men’s pants that were in the store, and any unscanned would be the men’s pants that were not in the store. Hitting the “Unscanned Set Zero” button will set all these unscanned men’s pants to zero quantity. Hitting the “Delete Unscanned From Shopify” button will delete all the items from Shopify and StockSavvy.

Note that the list of unscanned items can be filtered by typing text in the search box. BUT! Even if you filter, setting the unscanned to zero will zero out ALL the items in the unscanned list, not just the ones you filtered. Likewise for deleting. Make sure you look at the entire, unfiltered list of unscanned items before zeroing them out or deleting them. This operation is NOT reversible. If you are deleting, make sure you back up your inventory in case you or your employees accidentally delete! To back up your inventory, go into Shopify dashboard and click on “Products” on the left sidebar. Then, you will see a button called “Export” under the “Products” title in the content area. Make sure you have the .csv file before you click the “Delete Unscanned From Shopify” button.

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